Friday, 29 February 2008

I enjoy making up these books, especially knowing that a teachers aide will assist a child to appreciate an authors narrative and hopefully enjoy 'reading' a book.
Something we with sight, take so much for granted of course.
Most of the children I make these resources for are pre school or early years, some are in special schools with other health issues as well, but most are integrated, successfully, within state schooling.
I am employed by the Council and count myself as very lucky to do this for a living.

I have written original stories myself, and have tactile copies with Grade 1 Braille, which are for sale upon request. They should however always be used under strict adult supervision. Since we all know how innovative small children are at swallowing things they shouldn't, or sticking things in their ears or up noses!
I take no responsibility for unsupervised use!

Most recently I dressed a Barbie doll in period costume, simulating the pantaloons, chemise, corset, underskirt, day dress, button boots and shawl that Florence Nightingale might have worn.
I also recreated a tactile copy of the Florence Nightingale Medal awarded to Nurses for bravery beyond the call of duty.
All to ensure a child with no sight, could take something other than verbal information from a lesson.
I make what a peripetetic teacher feels might enable a child under their care, to access the curriculum easier. If I can think laterally and devise and make something 'outside the box', as it were, then that's a great challenge for me and I have the satisfaction of knowing it may well help that child understand and hopefully enjoy a lesson.

I'm making cvc word dominoes at the moment, so it's a varied workload!

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