Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Ahhhh . . . that wasn't supposed to happen!
Simon says......lunge your head to your left and stare at the screen.
Now you will be able to see the earinged cat successfully!
However I accept no responsibility for stiff necks, damaged ligaments etc so please view sensibly!
If permed and frizzy hair is coming back in as they say on the radio today.....then how soon till shoulder pads are back in?
You know like the Dallas pack wore, making their shoulders extend 6" either side of the bodies beautiful!
Because then..............folk could wear several lapel pins, all at once!
You see!
I must have unconsciously anticipated these fashion revivals and that's why I've gone into overload making all these pins! ( don't hold your breath mind, since it may be a while for shoulder pads to filter through to the high street . . .)
Now, I wonder where you buy the brass gadgets that soldiers wear to hang all their medals on?
It seems to me that several pins together might as well, be one veeerryy long one!
Hold that thought...................Dad had one somewhere.................. I wonder where it is! lol


  1. Hi liniecat: Luv, Luv your Laurel Burch pins! They're awesome! Mary Ann S.

  2. You should check out Fire Mountain Gems for the pin hanging gadget.
    And I am SOOO happy to see someone besides me who posted sideways pics! I did it a couple of times when I first started blogging.
    Great work! Love the colors.

  3. Plumcat.............what a great name tag lol we 'cat' folk are definately a crafty breed lol...I cant take any credit for using such fantastic fabric, but am thrilled the way the fabric makes the pins look fun.

    Mary I will follow that lead thanks so much. lol I may come and ask your help then when Im stiff necked myself in future! Reckon I could say its a post-modern technique and get away with it?