Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Now I'm fairly certain there is a clever way to shimmy my Angel of the Night round, so she's stood upright...........but I havent found it yet!
So 'our lass' as they say in Yorkshire, is upskettled abit!
Anyway she was my first ever Altered Art Doll and now resides in France.
She was a result of my antipathy towards the standard Xmas Angel figure...so a Phantomesque, Angel of the Night evolved.
I was pleased with her for a first attempt, but its her hair I was most fussy over! I wanted to achieve the 'picaninny look' and stumbled on a black and cream rafia shopping bag. The black bits, unravelled, much like knitting undone, came out all kinked and textural.........and then when chopped up into pieces, were just what I'd been looking for!
Her wings are hand made wet felt with a black chiffon trim at the edges. I have hung with stitching, assorted vintage and modern bits on her body.

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