Tuesday, 4 March 2008

These are copies of journal pages I made for a swap I was in last year. I have received my own journals back after they have travelled twice round the world virtually and am thrilled with them.
Sadly on one of the Round Robin's one member of our 10, collected 3/4 journals and did not send them on.
Now if she died, we'd all forgive her!
But she has failed to answer anyones emails or letters, yet we think she was still posting to another yahoo group,so no surprise that we thought badly of her.
Those folk that missed out sent out new journals for us to contribute to.
Then the swap Mom took ill and we haven't heard from her for months now in the 2nd journal RR....so once again, it seems one or more journals have gone astray. It is so sad that some will lose out, so all we can do is, make 'tip ins' for those that are missing journals and hope that they can stick them into new journals at home. Life or human nature seems to get in the way of kind thoughts and generosity of spirit!
The artwork within my own travelled journals has been varied and delightful, stunning and interesting.......it's like seeing several mini workshop techniques in effect! I truly feel sorry for those that have missed out.
I think RR's start out great but can so quickly get stalled when life gets in the way and makes havoc with our schedule!
Okay, it's late and I should be catching up on beauty sleep, since Im begining to look well past my age at this 1.15 in the morning! So night all! ( crazy that, saying goodnight to no-one there........maybe Mums schitzophrenia is in the genes afterall! :(
bad joke..................I know!

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