Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Is there any wonder I sit and make things when on my ground floor..........a scene of complete mayhem lurks! After the flood last summer, that only breached my air bricks marginally...............the insurers handling agents, sight unseen, ordered a complete ground floor gutting of my home.

They didn't answer any of my calls or emails, before the 'wrecking team' came in, so I had to turf out my suite, washing machine and fridge freezer, bookshelves and some other things..............since they wouldnt fit upstairs, even if Id been able to get them up there!

Had I only been told...........I could have had removal men and storage!

I have been living upstairs for 7 months now..........and boy am I tired of it lol

My poor dogs (2) and 3 of the 4 cats have been in care all this time.

Over half of whats been ripped out, needn't have been................and the agents surely rate as the daftest british firm Ive yet heard about!

So I sit and faff with fabric and beads, since thats all the stockpiled bedroom, Im living in, will allow me to do, so short of space am I!

Having said that, nothing moved in my room when we had the earthquake lol so guess thats one of those silver linings you hear about!

I bought some lovely Laura Burch fabric, fantastic colours and of course littered with cats! So here's what I have made out of some of it...yes, you guessed it..........more lapel pins!


  1. That has to be tough! But you have created some beauties whilst you angst over the beaurocratic mind!
    Thanks for sharing- enjoyed reading everything!

  2. Thanks so much Ard'ell..lovely name that! Almost sounds Irish!



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