Sunday, 4 May 2008

May already

Doesnt time fly when your not looking....I'm still living upstairs, builders may be within a month of finishing downstairs but they told me that during March and April I dont hold out too much hope!

Being cooped upstairs here, I seem to have lost my Muse...........shes gone walkabout on me...... but I did today make a wet felted cone, to see if I could make one! Beaders on a yahoo group were buying Artgirls felt cones and had begun to turn them into beaded cone dolls. Buying them from the US, makes them more expensive for us here in the UK, so I figured I could make one instead...and it worked! Maybe it's not destined to be another my challenge Hole in the World piece is so I said, I need my Muse to return.....

This touch of despair has much to do with the builders and now, the car is in dock......and may cost several hundreds of pounds the garage man
Head gasket and heater matrix...........and both just sound expensive don't they!
AND I have to have my foot operated on again shortly, so another 6 weeks of inactivity and weight piling on.....!

But, hey! Spring is sprung, the swallows were flying over Spurn Head yesterday, if they have arrived, we must surely be in for summer! Mind you, they may have been swifts...I'm never completely sure which they are, as they fly so fast overhead.....
A pal and myself went to Spurn Head and walked about 4 miles or so, half of which was on sand so seemed longer!
We saw a dead seal cub sadly, pretty much decomposed and also a good sized seal bobbing up and down in the water off the beach further along.
I so hope that wasn't the cubs mum, come looking for her baby...... but no mammoth tusks to be seen, as someone recently found whilst walking that stretch of beach!
I was very good, Val's car is so much cleaner than my own, so I didn't fill it with driftwood or stones........... lol

Short and sweet this entry, will try again when I'm more tuned in!

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