Sunday, 11 May 2014

WW1 Trench and Anderson Shelter tactile models

This is a repeat post of pics for most of you no doubt
so my apologies for that.
But since the pics have disappeared and they had been on apparently most popular posts, thought Id include them again.
I made these to go in school Topic Boxes and they have
been well used and are still going strong.

Below was the first Anderson shelter I made and it was pretty much thrown together since I only had a couple of days notice they needed one. So I thought the second one out more and that's the one above.

and of course if you hadn't got a garden, then instead of the above,
they gave you one of these to hide from the bombs in.
But its name escapes me at the moment !
Oh wow!
Thank you Antiques Road Show!
How odd, the top of one was just on tv lol
A Morrison Table Shelter ~
All of these have been made to enable children who have visual impairment, to 'feel' what the teacher is talking about and the class are looking at pictures of.
Their TAs would of course talk them through what it is a model of
and explain its actual use.


  1. I think the models you've made for the students are pretty incredible. Kids with learning different abilities need things like this.

  2. I think it's just amazing how you make these things, Lyn. Do you sometimes close your eyes as you work to figure out certain details? You could probably write a book on what you've made. You should. xx