Friday, 9 May 2014

Missing blog photos and another fishes workshop

I've had it drawn to my attention that photos from my past years posts are missing, in their place is an exclamation mark?
None of my favourite posts listed at the side of the blog page for example, have photos there any more!
I've fiddled and faffed but cannot see why this is happening and cant understand what to do from a page I found via google and my account 'Settings' either. I have limited understanding on this damned gadget!
SO bloody annoying when I pay a little each month for the privilege of both writing and posting pics! 
Wouldn't mind but Id been considering having the blog printed up in book form too and have long since deleted most of the photos from way back : (

This is what we were making today, though I forgot to take a photo of mine!

And here's a selection of things that have been made for the exhibition so far ~

the aluminium fish in the packet had been made a some school children

really liked the way someone had used the safety pins and beads on the above sea horse!

the hessian with driftwood attached was a good idea and they had also stitched on some of that fab sea weed that washes up at Spurn and looks like old lisle stockings! ( pronounced lyle!)
 big needles used to make the 'sea' !


  1. What fun.. I like the seahorse with the pins also. Karen Valentine redid my blog and I love her work. She might help you out with your gadgets and she is not expensive

  2. Your not alone with the picture problem. I've seen other blogs with missing pics too. Sorry I wish I could offer a solution for you. The only thing I can think of is that you deleted them in Picasso or whatever provider is storing your pics online. I did that once and all the pics I deleted dropped off my blog too.

  3. I'm absolutely no help re the picture issue either. I've noticed that some of my older ones have disappeared in favour of the exclamation mark too and have wondered about it. Figured the solution would end up being too techny for me to even begin to attempt so decided to just overlook it. Hope you find out!



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