Sunday, 4 May 2014

A British car boot

I mention car boots quite often and realise that those of you from over seas, won't necessarily know what they are!
So this morning I stood and turned in 3 directions and took a photo in each direction of one small part of it.

This particular car boot is quite close to where I live, and it's on a huge 16 acre site, that each November houses the week long Hull Fair.
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The car boot tends to cover at least one third of that area with some of the surrounds providing car parking for visitors.
Parking is free and you pay £6 for a pitch to sell items.
You don't need to book, you just turn up at 6am, set up your stall and
council employees wander round and collect your payment from you.
Originally folks did sell items literally from their car boots but these days as you can see, a pitch generally means the area to the side of your vehicle, rather than the narrower rear where the boot is.

Most folks bring along a fold up table to put their gear on, but almost everybody also has boxes alongside or underneath as well with their sales stuff in.

There are also some traders who attend but they keep mostly to the outer edges, the fruit sellers, the man in a van meat seller, that kind of thing.

Hilly cat doing her 'I'm not amused' thing - lol


  1. Thank you for the pictures - now I have a better idea! This looks like such fun, and a social time too.

  2. So what treasures did you find and will we be seeing you with your find on Antiques Roadshow

  3. This is definitely bigger than our local ones. The Uniting Church has one every month in their grounds and the Baptist church has one monthly as well.

  4. thanks for the pix Lyn! Wish we could have something like that here; you wouldn't have to accumulate so much stuff before you have a sale. Plus, way more economical than driving all over town to go to individual or neighborhood sales.



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