Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May hexi BOM : )

Of course I've added a bit extra you may notice!
Those two half hexis at either side, weren't in the original pattern,
 but somehow, that blue fabric cried out for a little less hexi shape on the lower wings lol
My blocks are all going onto white on white backing, so that's why flutterby's antennae are on a white hexi.
Anyway that's my May block of the month, and given that I've felt so crap, it will have to do : )

BUT success, I may yet live folks.
I finally got a Drs appointment and have had antibiotics prescribed and a diagnosis of an inner ear infection.
In fact Dr couldn't see anything in my ear, it was so inflamed she said.
No wonder I had a temperature and felt so dizzy and badly.

Considering I'd gone to the Drs last month feeling much the same and was blithely then told it was just a virus, to go home, rest and take paracetomol ............ I have to wonder if antibiotics then,
would have prevented this escalation of symptoms.

Anyway fingers crossed for recovery enough to get my fabric, patchwork sting ray made in time for Friday mornings Fish Friday Workshop. lol
Many thanks for the kind words about my health by the way too x


  1. (argh....second attempt to computer threw it out into the ether...again) I was saying.....I'm very glad that you hied yourself off to the dr and that there has finally been a diagnosis and appropriate (we hope) meds tackling the problem. Hopefully they work sooner rather than later. Oh...and that's a cool flutterby!

  2. blogger seems to be eating up allot of comments lately-sometimes we just need to be on antibiotic-hope you get well soon.
    Love your butterfly block

  3. Your butterfly is beautiful. I still haven't stitched my basket block and that has to be done before the butterfly. In just over a week the next block will be available so I had better get cracking.
    I'm glad that you have been prescribed something to help you get better and hope that you are back to good health in short order!