Sunday, 11 May 2014

Picasa and knitty catch up

In view of the fact that I deleted Picasa when I installed my new cameras disc wizardry, it looks as if the wizardry hasn't linked up with my old blog pics.
Undoubtedly my fault by not clicking whatever I should have done:(
It's enough to put me off blogging any more to be honest and I can't face going back through and trying to infill pics, many of whom I probably no longer have jpegs of, knowing me lol
So frustrating. So beware folks, learn by my mistakes, Blogger and Picasa go hand in hand, delete from Picasa and pics will disappear from your blog too.
I'm not alone, lots of others have made the same error of judgement.
You can see the 3 women folk coming together above and this is whats being recreated in knitting ~ pic lifted from Wikepedia,_Winslow_-_%27Fisherwomen,_Cullercoats%27,_1881,_graphite_%26_watercolor_on_paper.jpg

File:Homer, Winslow - 'Fisherwomen, Cullercoats', 1881, graphite & watercolor on paper.jpg

I was asked to stitch the faces for the girls, although at close quarters they look pretty horrific to me now lol Once hung up on the wall and viewed from afar, hopefully they'll look more mellowed!

Grandaughters first birthday today but we had her party yesterday and she was on top form bless her.
grandson getting ruffed up by the birthday girl lol

Picked up the blocked sinuses and barking cough again so feeling sorry for myself at the moment  lol


  1. Glad you figured out what caused the problem. I have stumbled across my pictures in Picassa and have wondered how on earth they got there and been too afraid to even so much as enter the site - maybe that was a good thing! Best birthday wishes to the wee one and get-better wishes to you. I'm with you in the sinus dept. - allergies have struck in full force.

  2. Oh, gulp! That's a somewhat tough way to get an unplanned fresh start in blogging, isn't it?
    I hope you feel better soon. I've been taking drugstore sinus pills frequently this Spring, but they do make me feel tired. Tired, but oxygenated. Must take the bad with the good, I suppose! Anyway, take care of yourself :)

  3. Hang on in there. It must be so disheartening but maybe it is a timely lesson for us all to back up our photos. I've been enjoying your blogging and I hope you feel up to carrying on when you get rid of all the viruses.



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