Saturday, 3 May 2014

'Artistic Spectrum' - Artlink exhibition currently on show

If your able to see this small but very clever exhibition, don't miss it,
its currently at the
Artlink Gallery, Princes Avenue in Hull.

It's work by 'Artistic Spectrum' a South Yorkshire group helping autistic adults express their creativity through art therapy.
And you may just be able to make out the recycling element!

My favourite was this one

but then ----

and -

- others!

then after visiting Artlink try some cake nearby and no,
that's not the carrot cake lol
I can recommend the spinach and sweet potato raised pie too!

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  1. Oh wow!!!!!!! Those pieces of are are INCREDIBLE!!!! I embiggened all the pictures to see the details and am totally blown away. Absolutely amazing!! And then I drooled over cake....