Saturday, 17 May 2014

Patchwork Sting rays and fisher women folk

Nannie just tires me out!
Not from this weekend but recently ~
I haven't enough energy to wear anyone out at the moment, these blocked sinuses are making me weary and I keep going dizzy and feeling or being sick - yukkk

The Friday fish workshop which I popped in to, was making patchwork rays with wired edges, so they would be able to be hung from the ceiling and have their 'wings' adjusted so they'd look as if they were flying or swimming along. I've brought the makings home to make one up when I'm feeling more able.
Here's Brigit Murrays very clever pattern, inspired designing I reckon!
And here's Jean holding the completed sample too.
I think it looks great!


I dropped some more knitted sky into the volunteer knitty group at Princess Quay today but didn't feel up to staying. But I was thrilled to see how the 'painting' is coming together and relieved to see that the faces, in situ, are going to work pretty well.

Oh and since my old black cat Fergus has passed, Hilly cat, a still timid, semi feral is bit by bit getting closer to me lol
But she simply wont clamber across on to my lap - yet - I've only had her about 10/11 years after all and she's certainly determined
to play hard to get!
But then when Fergus was alive, she would no more have sat along side me like this than whistle Dixie!
Now she allows me to stroke her and fondle her ears whilst she's alongside me.
She's never had a meow oddly enough, she goes through the
motions of opening her mouth but there's rarely anything
but a sort of subtle gurgle!


  1. Awwww - I feel so badly that you're sick. Perhaps a visit to the doctor for some medication is in order? Blocked sinuses are an awful thing I know. Take care of you!!! Hilly looks lovely - our old cat Whiffet didn't meow either. She could squeek (sort of) and always scared herself when she did.

  2. Got a neti pot?....great for sinus problems. I have a kitty like yours, doesn't meow, makes little chirping noises, and won't sit on my lap or let me pick her up. But bounces on me in the night and washes my face...guess she loves me after all. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better, Lyn. I love the update on the knitted painting. It's amazing.