Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Star fish for yarn bombing in Hull ~

Star fish which I believe are destined to be part of the planned yarn bombing in Hull.
The pattern makes the two lower sizes but I faffed about and knitted one a bit larger too.
The bottom right is double knit cotton but the other two are an acrylic with a fine white cotton slubby thread running through it.
Since the knitting needs to be completed before the months end, my hexis have been put aside for now.

Since I am finally working only 3 days a week now - yeahhh!
I came home yesterday afternoon and sat out back in the delightful sun and knitted several star fish arms.
As I sat there a blackbird sang away above me and way over to my left a cuckoo gave a rally of cuckoo-ing!
Talk about Nature lifting your spirits - it was lovely.
Then blow me I noticed one loan house martin swooping around in the Oh So Blue sky - it seems Summer really is here up North!
( fingers crossed it doesn't snow next week!!)


  1. Those star fish are fabulous:)

  2. nice pattern. they turned out great.

  3. Pretty cool starfishes! Too special, perhaps, for use in a yarn bombing.

  4. The fish is great,I like them Laura

  5. Your starfish look great - very realistic too. The sights and sounds of nature, beautiful aren't they.

  6. Oh I am soooo in love with these star fish! Is the pattern yours?



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