Friday, 23 May 2014

Fish Friday Workshop

These are the samples we were shown - and the ones we made would later be placed into wire circles/shapes like the one above here.
The circular-ish shapes are then to be attached to each other and all hung against a display wall.
Most were made with the thicker garden wire but some were also made using fine wire too, those could have had beading threaded on if we'd wanted to make them that way, but most of us chose to make fabric covered ones.

Some of what we made below here - thought Id taken more pics


mine below >>

Rose worked on her Manta Ray

 and just look at these!! Aren't they wonderful! We were shown these made by someone else for  the display. I've got to try this and hang them in my garden!

I had lunch at the Fudge café near Artlink and thought I'd show you the natty table and the rather nice paint jobs on the smaller tables too.
It looks as if they've used an old door for the tables ends here.

Clever idea I thought.

Hey and how about that for a climbing clematis!
That's a 6' fence to give you an idea of the height.


  1. Oh, I like that fish you made! And the plastic fish cut-out idea, too. I would've never thought of that in a million years. xoxo

  2. Wonderful fishes - all of them! I would definitely try making the plastic ones (a milk jug?) for in the garden. If we still had a garden I'd be thrilled with them.