Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Aviator Mouse, head huggers and metalwork!

Well here's my first attempt at Helen's wonderful Aviator Mice. 
Naturally I didn't follow the pattern exactly so the dimensions are skew whiff...sorry Helen! 
But I will make a felted version in the same dimensions next lolThis chap is in an RAF Denim-Aircraft, doubt they'd have been a pilots popular choice and a bugger to land I'm sure lol
The wispy bits near his nose were sposed to be whiskers but they ended up skew whiff too lol bless him........
Mind you the red spot on my RAF roundel is too big........why didn't I notice that before........hey ho

At the weekend I went to see a caravan and mobile home show thats held annually locally. I went off to see round some static vans that Ive been viewing online, with a view to buying one to live in, to downsize into...if I ever manage to sell the house that is.
Now I began last year with the idea I would live in a 3 bedroom wooden log cabin..ha ha...sooooooo expensive....sigh.
Then I considered a 3 bed less expensive, realistically I'm looking at a poor womans Lodge lol ...........and there are 2 that Im keen on.

and also the quirky

but those aside...........I spotted these statues set amongst some vans and found them interesting..

Clever stuff I thought but no signs to acknowledge who had made them!

Now at car boot I picked up this rug for a £1......... so much for my downsizing, right! 
But what struck me was that its been plaited yes, but its plaited wool, then machine stitched together with a wide zigzag stitch.
So not plaited fabric strips, but maybe 8 or 9 wool threads in each strip to plat together............does that make sense?!
Maybe you can see the structure in the pic if enlarge it, hope so.

I've a stall at the end of the month at a music festival so have been making more head huggers.

The idea is that whilst I can sell my stuff, I should also show anyone interested how to knit, crochet or stitch bits with recycled materials. 
Pal Jean will have the rug making paraphernalia on a stall and I will have stitchy bits to show, so Jean will have this bargain rug on her stall to show as an example. 


  1. Great rug find! Love the aviator mouse too!

  2. Love the RAF pilot! I always have trouble with dimensions.

    Downsizing? We had a discussion (another one) about that just the other day and that is as far as it went. I really like the rug. This is the sort of thing that gets me every time, finding a beautiful bargain.

    Great head huggers!

  3. Beautiful rug - what a bargain! And your makes are lovely. I fancy the idea of living in a little log cabin by a lake, among the trees ...

    Pomona x

  4. Lyn, you made that cute plane & aviator so quickly. Bet you know a little boy that would like to have at it now! We'll soon need head huggers again, they are lovely. I'm trying to make a crocheted one, seems like good single crochet practice for a beginner -- we'll see. xo

  5. Your aviator mouse is fabulous. What fun. And I think the metal sculptures you found are amazing.

  6. Ahhh .. he's lovely - really like the RAF idea. Thanks for sending me the link. Helen xx