Saturday, 15 September 2012

More creative inspiration maybe ...

Hornsea has an interesting guest house Acorn Lodge ..

clam shell patchwork !

The cladding tile is I guess the acorn inspiration for the name! 

But if you embiggen the piccy - 

to use Mary Annes wonderful word 
(from - lol

what I really like, is the wonderful rope work around the window glass!

Impressive and around all windows!

There's some sycamore trees nearby whose bark is falling off and the trunk has this amazing sculptured look to it.

 These are fallen bits of bark, the bark side top left and then the undersides. 
I wonder if might be some kind of fungus growing beneath the bark and forcing it off?
It's odd and I've never seen it before, anyone else recognize it maybe?


  1. Interesting patterns, for sure. No help as to why the bark if falling off from me but I think your theory is most likely right.



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