Thursday, 27 September 2012

Viking Longboat tutorial - ish

I have to make a second Viking Topic Box, so got stuck in and thought I would post some pics as I go along
In fact I am making 2 more long boats ............ you may notice the 2 different shaped ones, so no, its not faulty editing , there are 2 different ones lol
Do ask, if anything doesn't read right and you intend to make one and need help.
The one I made before has stood up really well to classroom handling so am using the same technique again!
Okay you need a cardboard box.......and the hull is made from this - now you could use mount board I suppose and then you'd be able to draw the long ship shape properly....but I was using up a gash box so had to faff with these.

I've had to cut out additional sticky up, end bits you'll notice but as you'll see, they wont show when its done.

Here above, I've taped the additional side end on and that way both sides of the hull come together too, so the boat starts to take shape now.

Both ends taped together..............

Having taped each end, I glue some gash card in the bottom so it helps widen the central area, for when I lay the deck in place as in below pic.
I glue it in place and it doesn't much matter if it looks a mess at this stage lol
Pins can keep the deck in place and elastic bands too... and I have glued in strips of cardboard within the hull to give it some structure and help it maintain its shape and density. Does that make sense? lol

Now to taping the whole thing together!
I normally tape it them with masking tape liberally, but for this one used grey extra strong gaffa tape.

Next comes a gesso layer, below.... and the upright 'stick' behind it, is destined to be the mast. It's sat in a tub drying, having been daubed with wood effect paint.

and below you can see the hole where the mast can be pushed in.
I don't glue the mast in, so it can be removed for practical purposes.

Right this painted one below, which I was making at the same time, here has the undercoat for a wood grain effect, Dulux paint.
When this has dried, I will then paint the final wood effect layer on and will show you the next stages in another post.


  1. Love your longboats! Thanks for including the progress pics. I love seeing how something can evolve from cardboard into an inspiring piece of art!

  2. oh wow! This is totally inventive - great idea. There's a great deal of play value in these and best of all is that the supplies to make are cheap. Bonus!



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