Monday, 24 September 2012

Ebay quilts purchase

I know, your thinking, wow............Lyns made a  cracking quilt! 
And she hadn't let on that she was making one too,
...............well one like this anyway lol

Ermmmmm well with the onset of blummin chilly nights and having been browsing on Ebay...........I bought a 'vintage' one because..... occurred to me the other day, that I have been collecting cotton fabrics to make a couple of quilts for years and not got very far.

In fact my pivotal moment came when I realized much of the cottons I had bought, was bought when I worked in a smashing craft store......
which I left 11 years ago!!

So I think that gives you an idea how I can procrastinate...........abit lol

So I bid on a couple of quilts and won this supposedly vintage darlin' which has been machine stitched and hand quilted. No idea how old it is of course really but am not concerned because I like it and it has a lovely soft handle to it.

Anyway I was so thrilled that I won that quilt for £70 that I forgot about this one lol

which I also won for £43 lol I'd assumed I would lose one or the other, but didn't ~

They are both enormous covers and my bed is king size so you can see  how generously sized the top one is, it hangs down both sides of the bed, and this second one is bigger! 
This 2nd may become my shroud, hopefully for use much later on! 
This too is machine stitched but hand quilted and says its believed to be from the 1970s.
I wouldn't be surprised if I've been duped and they are not as 'vintage' as they might be ( 2 separate sellers ) but what the hell, I quite like them and they will get used anyway.
And since I've still not selected a pattern for my own quilt to be.... least I won't freeze before it's made!


  1. I reckon it is time you got on and pieced your own quilt. It is fun and relaxing .... honest. Not that I have finished the one I am working on yet and I am going to get it long arm quilted when finished or the person it is for will never get it.

  2. Good purchase. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. I'd say you got a good deal on both of these - 'vintage' or no. I must admit I like quilts to be big enough to actually cover the bed and hang down (which hides the massive amount of books that are stored beneath our bed!!).



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