Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sonya Cowan - Icons - Wow!

It's the second weekend of the Open Studios and today I visited a talented lady living locally, Sonya Cowan.
Now her hubby IS a man of cloth, so no coincidence maybe that her icons, well yes, they are to die for!
The faces all beautifully crackle aged.
She has used recycled materials in them too so she won me hands down but they are beautifully stitched and so imaginatively created.
Lust away folks and keep an eye out for her work please..........there's one that wasn't priced that I think I'm going to have find the price of it tomorrow ..........

These above are a new graffiti style that Sonya has developed with strikingly decorated the frames too!

Clever use of the heat gun here on the right I think.

And now for some rock art!
What great fun!! 
And altered books?
What about these then!

YUMMY or what..........? lol

And not that it can top Sonyas work but have you seen this yarn, bought yesterday in The Range? It's super soft and splits down into 6 strands...........ideal for hand stitching! it has an interesting kind of twist to it as well.
I think Shelagh ( Folgate ) you may have sent me some of this a while ago in which case your welcome to some of these shades now lol

............... and you know when you've spent too much time on the lap top when black boy squeezes in to snuggle beside the pc lol


  1. Icons! Love them, not necessarily in a faith kind of way, just all that ornamentation and richness.

  2. Lovely Icons. I like the fact that she used recycled materials. A
    friend and I are making Santos this week. Something in the air?
    Take care.

  3. Recycled materials are good - scrounged ones are too! I like seeing the icons - especially the ones that look sort-of like dolls.