Saturday, 15 September 2012

More Open Studio Inspiration (2)

Bridlington harbour...


 Ken Shaw has work there at The Spa that would look great as patchwork!


I loved this one above. 
They appeared to be white painted wooden boards with drawn grids of approx 1" squares, which were then each coloured in pattern or left white.

Stunning view from the huge windows of The Spa cafe!
 The south beach tide was out when we had a coffee there.

Then we moved on to the Prospect Studios in North Street.
I was blown away by the work of Patrick Wise there......incredible drawing style and figures.
These would also transfer to textiles so well too...........

I just love his faces.........and the cat!

Jean found a stunning rusty old gate........there will be some close up shots of it on her blog.........she got some brilliant close ups!

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