Monday, 17 September 2012

WIP and Bridlington Spa then and now

Took this photo, of a photo on the wall at the Spa Theatre. It must have been a really impressive place in its hey day, full of light and an important and popular venue.
Even before it's quite recent make over, it was always a well used and much loved part of Bridlington and its very much a part of the community, social and arts scene now.

I sneaked this next pic through a door of that same area and there were dancers being assessed on their performance by judges on the stage...........a little reminiscent of this very picture!

Similar yes but I cant help but think it was probably grander as it once was. 

 Another tree...........hadn't made any for a while and the urge came upon me.........but I used 2 different kind of novelty wools rather than voiles. 
I also made a  couple more head huggers with recycled wool from a charity shop.
Though why I felt compelled to buy the odd balls when I've so much already ............ I can only think it was the mix of colours I stumbled on, that inspired me to mix them altogether lol
The one on the left is twisted at the front, rather like head squares were when worn as turbans in the 40s.... 
and the other looks nothing like anything at all,  scrunched up like that...what was I thinking lol
It's actually a rib strips band with a big flower attached.

 I also had a fancy to crochet some chunky wool, some eyelash yarn and a double knit, all very much in the same pink thru to purple colour ways..........into simple chain lengths. ( size 10 hook )
Which when knotted together here and there, might make a passable scarf for a wild young thing.

But if not, they can be untied I suppose and individual lengths used to tie up misbehaving kids, errant boyfriends or for lassoing hobgoblins even...
They'd make reasonable belts to keep your jeans up or wrap round, head bands too I suppose...
A multi functional scarf.......who'd have thought it! lol
It would work fab as rug wouldn't it too, all stitched together, plait style in an there is a thought !

Of course, maybe every radiator should have its own scarf this season.......
I cant take credit for the scarf-ish idea, I'm sure I've seen one like it somewhere online - some when or other.
So if anyone knows that its a particular designers idea, by all means tell me and I can credit them with the original idea!
Oh and if you cant work out how to comment with this new fangled blog design............
Click on comment at the bottom of the post, then scroll down a wee bit and the comment box is hiding down there!
I learn summat new every day................... and that is todays gem!


  1. You have been busy! I love the tree and the head huggers. You need a model for your head huggers to really show them off!

  2. You're hilarious! I think, since you yourself are obviously a wild young thing, perhaps you should wear the long cord scarf, eh Liniecat? :)

  3. The picture of Bridlington reminds me of Sunday School trips and outings on the pleasure boat, and I know there was someone playing the accordion. Thanks for your comment.