Thursday, 27 September 2012

100 square for visually impaired bairns + knitting

This is a variation on the velcro accepting fabric boards that I make, for our VI children to use in schools.
These on/off discs have large print and braille numbers on them and can be used to do ('sums' lol) maths calculations .
Obviously a child with no sight wouldn't know if they were holding the disc the right way up, to read the numbers in braille.
So I put a nick in the top of each disc and that way the child can orientate the disc and then read the braille successfully.
The board on the right can come off and be used horizontally.

I made this several years ago and it came in this week for a repair.
A couple of discs were missing and I took the opportunity to replace the printed and braille numbers too, so now its good as new again.

At home, I've made more sale-able bits, head huggers and fingerless gloves.

Cold weather here now, so guess gloves will be back in fashion lol


  1. i just love those fingerless gloves. i'm knitting a pair for myself with yarn that i hand spun. one down, one more to go. hope it gets cold enough this winter so i can wear them.

  2. You have been busy.Great job on the fabric board.

  3. What a great idea for the visually impaired, and so generous of you to both make and repair it!

    Envy the gloves and head huggers, we are still up to 90 degrees (32.2) each day. And that is a nice cool spell for us.

  4. Another wonderfully creative learning tool - you should patent these (or at the very least gather all the instructions together and publish a book!). As for the fingerless gloves - I'm toying with making some for our guys for Christmas. Are they easy to make?