Monday, 1 October 2012

I won some Liberty fabrics...whoop whoop whoop!!

How blessed have I been!!

I was lucky enough to win some Liberty fat quarters from Jo at 
...........................and I can't help but fondle them lol
what IS IT about Liberty fabric?!
I may use some of this for hexi's ..........I'm devising a plan!

There's some delightful stitching over on Jo's blog and it's worth popping across to read through some of her posts.
She teaches classes and I love the way she's made up some recent cushions, using a circular design with a central embroidered panel of vintage linens. (the 19th Sept post)

I also treated myself to a fabric panel from Deborah OHare of and that arrived today 
and I'm SO thrilled with it!

I have had some work done on the chimney breast in my front room and have chosen a soft grey paint to repaint it with, so this piece will tone perfectly with the new shade. 
Deb has other pieces in a similar vein in her Etsy store.... there's a link for it via her blog.

I have started making up duplicate Topic Boxes as I mentioned and Jean picked up a couple of old silver plated tankards for me, which will work fine in a Tudor box.
They have the most wonderful patina on them and have engravings.
One says Das Island which is out in the Emirates ( thanks Google) and the other says Forties Charlie which is an oil platform in the North Sea!

Charity shops prove how small the world really is lol

I may have a play with Picasa and see what alterations I can make to these photos.
 Why on earth would you clean silver plate when you can have such wonderful effects like this instead! lol


  1. Love your Liberty fabrics - Lucky you!
    I have a huge box of Libery shirts salvaged from various op shops over the years. Have made a couple of quilts with them, but it is now nigh on impossible to find an old shirt anywhere everyone knows the fabric is just the best!

  2. What a wonderful thing to win - I love Liberty fabric!

    Pomona x

  3. Lucky you! All those wonderful Liberty fabrics AND a possible plan to use them! Like the fabric panel, too; saw them on her site and thought they were beautiful.

  4. I have often wondered why people polish their silver when it looks so pretty like this.