Thursday, 25 October 2012

Viking clothed figures - tiles - mushrooms maybe and a lucky win

Viking figures.......

                      .......theyd just got back from pillaging here..........
                                and she was happy to see him...

Popped into the library and thought Id show you the tiles from there .....they are just inside and on either side of this entrance and are originals. 

It's so annoying not knowing for sure whether these are edible cos they smell divine and I have LOADS growing this year in my raised
and they are enORMous!

            I think they might be huge oysters but darent try them lol

Oh I forgot ! ...... I struck super lucky and won some Moda cottons off this cracking blog.....

so these will be turning into hexis, slowly, slowly........... such yummy Moda's..


  1. Lovely old tiles, thanks for showing them. I think those fungi might be toadstools, it's all about the filaments underneath, if they are short and long they are mushies, but all long are toads which i think yours are. I would pull them up and destroy. Also pure white inners are often dangerous.
    Lucky you, a useful win.

  2. Euwwwww best not put them in the compost then, glad I washed my hands now lol

  3. i too love those tiles and pretty modas. i have similar mushroom looking things that keep coming back despite being mowed down. unusual because the ground is not that wet. i would never chance eating them.

  4. Your Vikings are great! Mushrooms or toadstools, they are beautiful, aren't they? Congrats on your fabric win.

  5. I've never seen such huge mushrooms/toadstools! I know I wouldn't try eating them - it's not worth the risk. They make great fodder for pictures though. Congrats on the win!!



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