Saturday, 13 October 2012

Linda Rudkin at EYES + christmas decs

I picked up lots of white fleece offcuts at Scrapstore have been stitching little-y things.
Not sure why, but the idea to cut a paper clip in half and twirl the ends to make owl feet, came to mind...and seems to have worked!

We had an EYES meet today and it was our 30th year of age, celebration...with a display of items made right at the beginning

Look who gave the talk in November 83/84...gosh wish id been 
there then !

Hilary Goldsmith's beautifully stitched tree below..
 I love that snake!!

oh...and we had cup cakes lol

AND we had Linda Rudkin give us a fascinating talk with many of her samples for us to lust after....
gosh I hope we get her back for a workshop!
What a great way to display natural dye samples!

note the embroidered names of what natural plant was used too

exquisite little square pillows...

stones and shells....

and both made with silk paper....but rock hard thanks in part to Paverpol, painted on their undersides.
Such a clever technique.
And then some were stitched..

Linda has made some fascinating papers out of peeled parsnips, leeks and kiwi slices to name but a few...........I just never before thought to use these things! However, now, well possibly!

Now this is simply INSPIRED!

naturally dyed with woad, silk carrier rods on driftwood...

And then these which may inspire those of you who have been stitching in white of late... taken from this book......
 the stitching has been done by Pamela Pavitt.
It has lots of religious poems in it and several amazing pics of Pamela's stitching which look wonderful.

Like this which appears to be tulle laid over fabric, that has then been machine stitched over in white...cleverly presented as an oval in this manner.

These next two have no tulle not sure what the background fabric is...

 Oh and EYES were having a clear out, which is where I picked up the book these last pics were in, we were told to take what we wanted for free, from a large collection of books and patterns.
I could not resist this folder........I may have to start embroidering lol 
but failing that, I may also have to have a Giveaway.......I'm overdue one anyway !


  1. wow. a feast for the eyes today. wonderful. i have a book similar to that with embroidery patterns and everything else under the sun. i must go through it one day and see if there's anything there worth making. thanks for sharing all this. great post.

  2. During Herefordshire Arts Week (H-Art) I visited Maureen Richardson near Brilley and she makes paper out of all manner of things including fruit and vegetables. She gave me a small piece of paper made from leeks to try to stitch. She has a website

  3. Oh my -- this is such a great post with so many wonderful creations! First of all, I love your little white owl -- that display with knitted squares is awesome, I can't even imagine the number of yarns that had to be dyed to do that!?! The display on driftwood, exquisite. All of it. What a great group you belong to and great photos. xo

  4. Oooh! Pretty things everywhere!