Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Burton Agnes Hall and a spooky woodland walk

A trip back to Burton Agnes Hall again today, this time with grandson to hunt for spooky clues in their woodland walk areas....this C16th house is always a delight.
So after 45 mins in the car.....it's Ready, Steady Go..... and under the gatehouse arch...

Not bad for the gatehouse is it! 
Plus small conservatory where the artist in residence normally hangs out.

Clue number 1.............was in this pumpkin...........

Clue number 2..................with guardian spider high above tho
hard to see here, the wire cobweb in which was trapped a fly.....

and we found some skeletal leaves! So pretty!

Then two passing hares......and the Aussie continent-ish, on a tree lol

Clue number 3....Jean helps....not her best aspect, sorry Jean!

Clue 4....

Clue 5 with bunnies....! 
Hanging high from a branch............deep, melancholic chimes

fungi stacked in crevices.......

ISNT he wonderful lol

more tree art life...

thought the woodpecker was brilliant!


  1. Someone had a good time :-) I love all the sculptures, thanks for showing us.

  2. what fun. love that dragonfly and the skeletal leaves.

  3. I'm curious to know - did the clues lead to something in the end? Is the 'bubble' in the last photo a real bubble or is it glass? Love that chubby owl!!

    1. Oh yes sorry.........We had to find 5 pumpkins, over a mile or so walk in woodland. Whilst also looking for the beasties hidden here and there.
      In each pumpkin was a laminated clue eg. one was
      What do you get in you dont get a treat? = trick
      The child writes the words on a slip of paper and one letter from each word spelt a 6th word, which was Witch.
      Child then takes the paper back to the staff and gets to select a small choc bar from a big bowl.
      They commented on how well Jack could write lolol but he did tell them, when asked, what the word was we had worked out.
      Oh and the bubble is glass and was really beautful, the sky reflected in it as it was.
      I wonder if it would crack in icy or really cold weather? Guess it must be well hardened glass surely?



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