Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I bought another one!

Tatjana's books are such a delight to read and look at and are on Amazon at such reasonable prices if your interested.
This is about little Jessie who stows aboard her daddy's fishing boat and she falls into the sea, unknown to the crew.
But she is saved by dolphins thankfully!

Tatjana says in a preface that she also makes one of a kind fabric collages that are sold in galleries.
She explains that her process for these illustrations is to draw the pictures herself then carefully match a fabric to the cut out shapes and hand stitch or machine stitch as required. She appliques the shapes, turning in a small seam allowance.
If she cannot find suitable fabric she will print her own using a monoprint process or thin down fabric paints to achieve the effect she's after.

In this book what she did for the sea on one of the pages was to paint fabric paint onto a sheet of acetate, lay another sheet on top of it, rub them both together...........then print them onto fabric.
So here's a taster of some of this books pages.........
I know, I know, I accept it, I've become a nerd on fabric illustrated children s books!!
( Sorry lol) 

But wouldn't they make great blocks for a bairns quilt too.....


  1. Wonderful books and so reminiscent of Janet Bolton's books. When are you going to produce a unique one of your own?

  2. This is lovely! I'm searching my brain trying to remember another author that my kids liked . Eric Carle, I think. I must google to see if I'm right.

  3. I was right - it is Eric Carle - I thought his books were fabric, but they're collaged. Wonderful books!

  4. I agree with Hazeltwig -- you should create one of your own!



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