Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The C13th Burton Agnes Church

Burton Agnes has its own small church alongside, which is C13th with the old box pews and the yew trees at its entrance, are 300 years old. Its like walking into a cave accessing the porch door!

Aren't the leafy patterned windows attractive......they'd work great in patchwork but no doubt drive you crazy fitting it all together lol

...like lots of teeth aren't they, hard to believe they are symbols of past lives.


  1. Perfect post for Halloween, thanks i like a graveyard visit.

  2. You're so right about those windows. They would make great patchwork OR even a great quilting pattern... I really love that idea!

  3. Seeing those windows with the wonderful patterning reminded me that there's an iron-on black tape (maybe in other colours too) that is sometimes used as 'leading' for stained glass quilts. It would be perfect for re-creating those windows on fabric. Think it's made by Clover.



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