Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Steve Elliott's - Carnival Characters

How great are these!!  www.stevelliott.co.uk
Well I could live with one on my wall, how about you?!

I met and chatted to Steve today at Scrapstore, where he has a studio and he let me see some of his amazing 'friends'........made by himself and who are quite simply, wonderful!
Steve runs workshops to make characters like these masks above.
The heads are designed to be worn and Mrs Flowers in the 3rd pic below
is designed to be worn by a child.

What looks like ears below are where the childs arms would come through, wearing a flowery sleeved shirt to match or tone.
The patch above the nose and between the eyes is a gauzey vision area for the child to see through.
I think he said that the child would wear a skirt that would hang below the bottom of the 'head'.
So Mrs Flowers would have 'real' arms and legs  of course.
Steve uses recycled materials, primarily cardboard and a sticky backed tape to achieve these ace results.........and a great deal of artistic skill!

Oh ...... and eat yer heart out Bob the Builder !!

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  1. I love the dog with his tongue hanging out and one ear up in the air - so cute!!