Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Lucky me !!! A runner up prize whoop...whoop....

If you havent visited Helen's wonderful site Bustle and Sew, please pop across and languish amongst her delightful patterns and handi work.
There are really wonderful patterns to buy, a few offered free and a  useful pdf which you can download too, explaining how to transfer patterns.
Helen has a Bustle and Sew eZine, featuring some of her patterns as well which looks really interesting.

The Bustle & Sew Magazine offers at least 3 free original Bustle & Sew patterns each month, plus vintage patterns, news and tutorials from other designers. It’s a great read and is delivered in pdf format so it’s easy for you to download and print too.

Helen had a draw and I was lucky enough to be a runner up and I have received a pattern for the most wonderful mouse Pilot!
I am totally smitten lol THANK YOU HELEN!

Helen's 'Brave Aviator Mice Softies'

Aren't they just wonderful!!
I have lifted this pic off Helen's website, so please pop in and see her Monty the Parrot softie and her Owl and the Pussy Cat softies too.
Then go find her also delightful, Stitching Bunny by Nakisha who is so very, very lovely too.

Now do I make this aviator mouse for my grandson.......
or for ME since I'm ex RAF aircrew myself!!

Though no, I didn't actually fly the aircraft.... I loaded it with freight and passengers, then flew with the airframe wherever it was going to.
(Sheer Hell - Fiji, Midway Island, Hong Kong etc..........sighhh, themS were the days....)
But I loved flying and had I had the ability would have loved to have piloted aircraft. Though not the VC10s which I worked on, think I'd have been more light aircraft material!!

I have always been fascinated by the women who flew in what was very much a mans world back in the early days. 
At school I knew about Hulls' own Amy Johnson and learnt about Amelia Earhart and felt they were ahead of their times and must have been strong willed women.
What great role models for women to follow.

These female pilots were called 'aviatrix' - women who were aviators.........what a bizarre word lol but I love it!

There was Karen Blixen too who was fascinating in her own right as a woman in the African colony and a writer. 
And Beryl Markham who was the first woman to fly from England to America in 1936.

Beryl flew and lived in Africa at the same time Karen did.
In fact Beryl also dated Denys Finch Hatton...he got about abit, that chap!
Her biography 'Straight on Till Morning' is well worth reading if you can find a copy..........she must have been one hell of a capeable woman.

And then there were, the as amazing women, who flew all manner of newly made WW2 aircraft  from aircraft factories, to the pilots who would then fly them on into war.
These women had to fly all manner of aircraft types at the drop of a hat and without them, the young pilots would not have had aircraft to fight in the skies with.

I will make a male aviator mouse for my grandson ....
AND an aviatrix for me lolol
Watch this space..........I'm off to search thru my many felted woollies!


  1. definitely need to make one for yourself. can't wait to see them. a nice win.

  2. Congratulations - looking forward to seeing an RAF version of this! There are several Australian women who were pilots in the early days of flying..too many to list, but one well known lady was Nancy Bird Walton.

  3. I saw these adorable planes somewhere--too cute! Can't wait to see yours!

    You reminded me that I want to read Spitfire Women of World War II!
    Here is Kailana's review that made me want this book. There are several other books about women pilots that interest me, but this one is first on my list.

  4. In this age of celebrity seemingly being the main aspiration of young people, it's good to remember the contribution that these women made to life. I'm sure that somewhere lot's of equally brave and inspiring things are being done at this very moment by women but the media are in love with celebrity and things of value and inspiration seem to pass un-noticed.
    Rant over! Well done for winning a prize, I will look out for a picture of the finished article.

  5. Lyn, how perfect for you -- an aviatrix for the creatrix. Will go visit that website, sounds wonderful! xo

  6. And a very interesting post, too. Thank you!



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