Monday, 13 August 2012

Yeahhhh THE wedding was wonderful

The pics I have so far............
and there is this one of me.............looking fat and old lol in lilac and purple.

And no I have no idea what Tylah's Aunt Trish was saying........maybe how fat I looked lol

Tylah looked delicious and Rich smiled from start to finish, he was just so proud.
And my son gave his sister away.... and looked really smart and a cool dude in the tails...

and here his son and my grandson looking shy and butter wouldn't melt you know?
 This was taken before he got warmed up and took to crawling under and all through, the length of our top table lol


  1. Yey, they all look so wonderful and you look really slim, more piccies please

    What on earth has happened to your blog??

  2. you look great and so happy. beautiful pics.

  3. I don't see anyone looking fat! You all look stunning.

  4. Lyn, what on earth, you think you look fat? OMG, you are not. I love your dress & jacket with the matching corsage. Tylah looks beautiful and I'm so glad all went well for her. But you know what's even better than a wedding? Having it OVER with! ha. xoxo

  5. I've looked all over to see anyone fitting the description of 'fat' in these pictures and can't see anyone!! Yikes, woman, we could all look that good!!!!!!!!!!!