Monday, 27 August 2012

Felt wristlets and a daft idea.....

I took myself off on sunday to the coast, whilst the weather was bright and sunny. Sometimes I just need to see the sea and listen to it you know?
Anyway I went to Flamborough Head where there is a lighthouse but its years since I was there last, I guess when the kids were small...and they are late 20s now lol

 I ended up turning to south landing and it was not the place I was lighthouse or caves in the rocky cove, so I suppose I should have gone further, to north shore maybe lol

Anyway since I was there and didnt know what was ... there ... I walked down the hill towards the water......down a  --- steep --- hill, no cars allowed and sat for an hour or so, on white chalky stones and watched the tide flow out.
Fishermen were there but using canoes/kayacks to fish..... and Id not seen it done that way before.
 I forgot my camera and though I did take pics on my phone, Im still looking for the widget to take my phone pics off and transfer them to the pc .............. its somewhere safe.
Anyway these chaps had 2 fishing rods sticking up at the back of the canoes and theyd simply canoe out into the furthest reach of the cove and back again, offload whatever theyd caught then set off back out again!
Quite calming to watch, no idea what they were catching but it struck me as 'fishing with exercise'............not least because theyd be lugging the canoes up and down the hill!

Ah yes, that hill.................a third of the way, walking back UP that bloody struck me how insane I was to have gone down it in the first place.
It was easily 1 in 4 ie. it rose a foot in every 4 foot, then eased to maybe 1 in 6.........thats steep.............especially when I recalled that my struggling to breathe, had as much to do with the fact that Id had heart surgery only just over 4 weeks ago............. can I be so dim?

I had to walk abit, stand and look back and 'admire the scenery' whilst desperately trying to breathe. I sat on the few seats and walked abit further after each one ............ I was crackered by the time I got back to the car ............ I wont be going back there soon!!
Brainless............Im just brainless ............ so last evening and today Ive done very little, to balance out abit lol

Ive made the wristlets as part of that doing very little, pics above, from hand made wet felt I made a while ago.
I machine embellished some yarns into them, then hand stitched here and there. Cant decide whether to stitch press studs or use an inch or so of elastic as a fastening, so I will sleep on that and decide tomorrow.
Glad I have tomorrow off as a concessionary day, so its  ashort working week for me thank goodness...... : )


  1. Had to chuckle at your experience with the hill! I've done that! It is much better to struggle up a hill and then when exhausted to head back down than to go down and struggle up.

    I like your wristlets! I haven't worked with felt in a while. I like felting, though; both wet and needle felting. Last night I did get out some wool, but only as a possibility for doll hair. :)

  2. just love your wristlets. take care of yourself.

  3. Yes, best to keep everything in balance!! Enjoy a bit of rest now.



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