Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ive been playing with the blog layout.........bet you noticed!
Id appreciate your comments please.......whats it like from your point of view?
I'm tempted to think it could be scary and intimidating for visitors, maybe hard to work out whats where too?
I'd rather have you pop in and feel comfortable, than stick with a new blog layout, so please let me know if its an overwhelming layout like this!

These 4 old telephone boxes have been set up in Central Library and contain a 'Hullness' display within them.
Where British Telecom had the iconic red phone boxes, here in Hull, Kingston Communications have their own telephone company and painted their boxes white ads part of their individual identity.
So its apt that these now unused boxes contain a visual and audible exhibition about 'Hullness'.
Least they wont smell like latrines, like many on the streets used to!

Talking about iconic.............how about this cracking print in the Open Exhibition at the Ropewalk in Barton on Humber.
'Three Routemasters' - signed by Goodman... fabulous!

Oh yes...........and did I mention the coffee and puddings....

Well now the weddings over I felt I was allowed a real puddin' !


  1. this format works fine but i do prefer the old one. the one benefit to this layout is that if you're looking for something in particular on your blog, it's easier to find it. whatever you like best is fine with me. i'll still visit either way.

  2. I prefer the old one, too. May be just habit.

    Love that the library is using the telephone boxes!

  3. Yum! I would love a piece of that pudding too. As for the buses, I can so 'see' them done in embroidery.

  4. Oh yes, you deserve treats now. I say so. ;)



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