Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Punch n Judy Theatre, whitework and some.....

Well spotted Shelagh...........it was and now is, a little Punch and Judy Theatre model, to go in a Topic Box of sea side things, to stimulate childrens conversation.
Thanks go to Jean for the ace tea towel, stripey fabric!
It's only about 14" tall but small hands can get into the back and small fingers will be able to poke out of the stage area............so a blind child will have a hands on 'something' to hold.
It would be easy enough to go and buy a Punch hand puppet but they appear to be sold in sets and we only need one puppet really for discussion purposes.
Plus we have to jump through hoops to buy any resources in this present  ecconomic climate, so...daft as I am....I thought I'd make a Punch puppet, big enough to be held by a child and bigger than for the theatre itself.
So I made up a fimo Punch's head as a former...........smeared it in vaseline and then began laying newspaper strips on it.....the idea is that the vaseline will help the paper mache release when its all done and dried and i cut it off ..... hmm, well, we will see won't we!

Of course he needs a neck..............so thats in process of growing!
Then, having made such a mess...........I started to cover 2 plastic tubs, which may become other hand puppets if any of them work out! Mind you these 2 ladies dont look much of anything yet!
And none of them look like they will threaten the wonderful work of Julie Arkell lol

I SO LOVE her Quietly Missed rabbit............I want him!
A Quietly Missed Rabbit

I bought a little old 1955 stitchy book at boot stall on sunday, for 50p.
I couldn't resist it  - but imagine my surprise when I sat down to thumb through it........
Now I have only ever read one book from this publisher.... and hated the style of romantic writing but.... 
I may be won over, their old stuff????
Who knew!!!

Mills & Boon!
What strikes me most in it, are some interesting patterns that those of you doing whitework with Karen Ruane might have liked.

then I also picked up this pamphlet too........... for 25p, so well worth a nostaligic look right, at that price.....

I've been handstitching some more Christmas banners and I bought some more christmas fabrics........will have to take some photos....but really I need to get organised for my daughters wedding which is saturday..........SO CLOSE now!!!
Yeahhhhhhh : )


  1. love those old embroidery books. great finds. i browse through lots of them on antiquepatternlibrary.com. and i love your little puppet theater. i did volunteer work at the library many years ago and made one very similar to yours. clever puppet you are creating.
    enjoy the wedding and best wishes to the couple.

  2. oooh - yes - I do so love old embroidery books! And please do enjoy the wedding - congratulations to the bride & groom.