Monday, 30 July 2012

Faffing about WIP and now back at work

So, the bruises are fading, my wrist and arm is less tender, Im feeling good as new and I've been stitching abit.... christmas bits.... in july.... naturally lol
Wierd what you fancy stitching at any one time isn't it!
To be fair I just picked up the container with scrappy bits of xmas fabrics in it and thought I'd hand stitch some odds and end shapes together and see where it led me.
Well they sort of emerged into small banner-y bits so I went with that idea and backed them with a leafy green cotton.
I guess they'd sit okay above a doorway or hang on a mantle piece but they were just easy stitching after the op, so fit the bill!

Just before the op I was looking online at the various Clover gadgets you can buy to make yo yo shapes.
And they do look great but are afew pounds for each one and as I sat with a cupper I picked up the lid from a large yoghurt container and started faffing about a bit...and it worked!

I can make yo yos but they always seem to be abit skew whif, so the advantage of using Clover gadgets is obvious, you'll have uniformly shaped yo yos.
So this 'make do' method is more a guide to stitch in the round really, useful for a simpleton like me lol
I quite liked this effect though they look more like flowers than yo yo's
and it worked with lace too.
 I stitched from beneath it, up, so I used the holes Id made as a guide of where to stitch and then, of course the round shape itself, helped me cut out a proper circle.
I think the mistakes I've made have been cutting the circles out first freehand and then stitching round no surprise my yo yo's have always been yo yewed!
But don't hold your breath for me making the other yo yo shapes like Clover make - I know my limitations!

I'm putting together another Topic Box at work, so am making up a 14" tall model something to go in's the basis of whats to come...
any ideas anyone?

I have to say also, I am still in awe of that stunning Olympic cauldren that was lit for the start of the Olympics.
Its such a beautiful design and how lovely too that each country will be given one of the individual bowls to keep.
An Australian design but made up by a Yorkshire firm.......yeahhhh
I can forsee some amazing textile works emerging, representing that cauldren of from me I said I know my limitations!


  1. well, aren't you clever. i have all those yo-yo templates and use them some but mostly just to cut the shape. i find it just as easy to stitch them by hand without the gadget. i love them a little wonky. i think they look great.

  2. What great gifts they will be-clever you. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. So glad you are feeling much better
    I love the YoYo makers from Clover, yours is a very nifty idea, clever you.
    The box looks like punch and judy to me, naughty naughty naughty x

  4. I'm just catching up with blogs after being away and was sorry to read about your op but glad for you that they found it before it was too late. I hope you are soon back to normal, or even better than normal.

  5. Are you sure about that, somehow I think you are up to a burning cauldron or two! Thanks for your encouragement, no there will be no blood on my bones, except perhaps from a pricked finger.

  6. Thanks for visiting. Hope you are recovering quickly. Lovely hand work.


  7. Now that's ingenious-ness (I know, that's not a word!) at work. Who sez you have to spend big money for sewing aides?



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