Sunday, 1 July 2012

What I used, colour catchers and a clever cat!

I am daft at times....Im posting the head hugger pictures but I finally figured out that if I also showed what yarns Id used together, it might benefit some of you if you want to make a similar knit texture.
If that makes sense ~
So here's the latest with whats left from the odd balls I've used...
Im not sure which yarn to make the feature flower/trim with this one is resting, till I decide!

I sorted through a basket and realised Ive got so many colour catchers that I really ought to DO something ( more than I did here )
with my thinking cap is on and I await inspiration to strike!

These are the most colourful ones......... and using them, never fails to make me realise how much dye comes out of a normal wash and why my daughter and son, used to so frequently have multi coloured...white...socks LOL
And bear in mind the lovely shibori-ish patterns are serendipity or because youve scrunched the catcher or folded it when youve put it in the washer...
The little woven squares on the left are still WIP....maybe I should make more of them and frame them up as nine patches of sorts?
Hmmm maybe....

The colours arent true on this one below, they are charcoal grey thru to a mauvey grey......
The ones below are subtle pale coloured and these I will pop, one at a time, back in with a wash, to pick up more stray colours.  You can end up with some interesting two tone effects that way.
And the ones below, I used when I was flower pounding last summer!

And cat carers amongst you might recognise my concern, when I heard my Hilly puss hike up 'something'  - but I then couldnt find 'it' anywhere.
I looked for all that day and the next...but no fur ball or mound of sick came to light.
It had the definative sound of 'something' of size and shape - but it was nowhere to be found.
So imagine my surprise when my grandson came 3 days later and I grabbed his slippers, which had been sat on the stairs......only to find that Hilly had managed to throw up in Jack's left slipper!!
Not a spot on the outside it was all dried inside.........thats a pretty good aim all in all since he only wears a size 7 childs shoe!


  1. I have a mountain of colour catchers too and so far have only made a cover for my iPad which they worked well for. I keep meaning to treat them with some matt medium but keep forgetting. I've never tried flower pounding but I love the effects you've achieved. I will have to give it a go.

  2. i, too, have a bunch of color catchers. i did make a couple of with a zipper that i use a lot for knitting. i even lined it with a pretty cotton fabric. they have such a wonderful softness and texture after coming out of the washer. i use the light colored ones several times as well.

  3. I have a few colour catches too. I have no idea what to do with them. I shall wait to see what you come up with :)

  4. Now you are starting to make me feel guilty .... I too have a growing pile of colour catchers. I did use some of them as a backing for small pieces of machine embroidery and they worked really well for that.

  5. Now you are making me feel really guilty ... I have a growing pile of colour catchers. I did use one or two as a backing for some machine embroidered birds that I was creating to make small sketchbooks, but since then they have just sat there in a heap.

  6. Colour catchers? Hmmmm - heard of them but didn't believe they would really work. Guess I'd better invest in some, if only for the play value afterwards!

  7. Color catchers...What a a great idea!

  8. there are so many wonderful colours and textures in that wool, it's beautiful. The cat story? yuk!