Thursday, 19 July 2012

An emergency op and look at this!

Okay, so your thinking...why has she put a photo of her toothbrushes... well hold on and I'll tell you...
I'm at home recovering, having been into hospital for a diagnostic angiogram but they found I had a 90% plus blockage and was a heart attack waiting to happen, they said.
I'd had atypical angina symptoms so it was reasuring to know Id not imagined them - but blummin scary to see how bad it really was!
Abit disconcerting when your flat on your back, looking at the screen and you realise that Weeny thread line is stopping your heart from filling with blood and performing properly.
Anyway I was advised and elected to have an angioplasty there and then, as an emergency op, so was in hospital abit longer than expected.

On coming home I nipped into the bathroom and saw the toothbrushes and thought blimey.........I hadnt noticed my daughters spare toothbrush was SO worn...

but............presumably it floated through the window and settled right there !
Last wknds embroidery club meeting was a talk about childrens clothing  worn when they were buried in the Egyptian Mamluk period.
It was quite interesting and centered around the textile repair and conservation of 4 damaged little jackets and 2 hats.
There was nothing much to photograph this month, it was all slides on this occasion, but I was struck by these pieces made by one of our members.
They were on the display table and Im SO cross that I managed to miss out the name of the club member, who had made them.
I was sure Id got the ladys name in the pics too.
I thought these were smashing and well worth showing so my apologies to our club member and I will try and establish her name and tell you when I find out.

Okay back to the feet up and resting


  1. omg...the most important part of this post is that you caught the problem in time and are ok. so happy to hear that all is well. take good care of yourself.

  2. Glad you had it fixed before anything really nasty happened, that you are home again and all is well. Enjoy your R&R while you recover completely. All the best.

  3. Oh my goodness! Glad they got to you in time. You are sounding very chipper considering that you must have had quite a scare.
    This doctor prescribes some slow therapeutic hand stitching.
    Sending Best Wishes for a speedy recouperation :)

  4. Wow Scary stuff - hope you are making a good recovery.

  5. Feet up is right! A scarey close call. So happy
    they caught it in time!

  6. Healthy recovery to you! Amazing wonderful they found this out before anything worse happened!

  7. Oh my - I'm so glad they discovered what was wrong and could get you fixed before anything terrible happened! Please take care of you. Spend lots of time enthroned on the couch, with light stitching and your favourite beverage at hand.

  8. Hope your recovery time is short! Get well soon!

  9. OMG! Listening to one's body is so vital and I am relieved that you listened to yours! Rest, stitch, and relax! Wishing you a speedy recovery and toothbrush fairies. ;)

  10. Lyn, so glad you are okay!!!!! This must've been frightening all right. I'll be thinking about you and sending you healthy heart vibes. Love to you.