Monday, 25 June 2012

More head huggers and EYES exhibits

You cant really see in this picture above but the head hugger in front, has wiggledy edgings. I dont follow a pattern but it seems to have worked okay lol 

I enjoy making up these huggers, they are very therapeutic to sit and knit. I combine novelty yarns with double knit, mohairs or chunkies. I blend together whatever colours seem to 'go' and you get fun textures when they are finished.

I sat for a couple of hours manning our EYES exhibition last friday morning and here are afew other exhibits you might like to see.
Our current Chairman is Maggie Tomlinson and she made the lion jacket below.....isnt he great!

Sue Spafford made this lovely journal was beautifully stitched.

Ann Pye made this interesting piece below

This below is Nelson and his picnic.....made by Jackie Parker
He's fabulous........and about 2' from seat to top of head so must be about 3' when stood, with beautifully crocheted hexies ....


  1. i saw the wiggledy edgings immediately. love the huggers and Nelson is wonderful.

  2. A bear made of hexies! Now that is cool!

  3. Lyn, your huggers are fantastic, I like that you mix yarns to make each one unique. What a talented group of women, you all are. WOW is about all else I can say! xo

  4. Love the huggers and the texture of each unique version! And that lion jacket--reminds me of a Chinese New Year Lion Dance; very cool.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

  5. I don't know which I am more in awe of - the lion or the hexie bear!