Friday, 15 June 2012

A child sized cleaning box and using up felted woollies

Almost the longest day, half the years gone already.............
go on, tell me how many days there are till Christmas ........
 and I may scream!!
Just look at this below...

Isnt it great! The cleaning lady at work has made it you'd expect it to be just perfect for a child wouldnt you?
All these small sized items..
But ....

 its actually a celebration gift for the cleaning teams 'forewoman' who has been there for 25 years lol.........
I thought it was so lovely and it would be ideal to make up for a keen child cleaner to be I guess............if you have one!

I had a fancy to do something with the batch of felted down jumpers I have left over from making fingerless gloves. Then I stumbled on this little book in the charity shop... such delightful illustrations!

So ........ off on a tangent, from this below at cut out stage ..

to this..... 2/3 yr old size.

So then I cut another one out, 6-9 months size but altered the pattern abit..

Still thinking about how to stitch this one........but it will also be quite simple.


  1. oh that little book and your patterns are so timely. 7 year old neighbor is coming over tomorrow so i can show her how to make patterns for clothing. she's an upcoming fashion designer and is very creative. thanks.

  2. Love that coat and the little is very smart!

  3. How cute - both the mini cleaning supplies AND the patterns, but most expecially the book. You lucked out on that find! Hope you can manage to find a model for your creations - would love to see them.