Friday, 15 June 2012

East Yorkshire Embroiderers Exhibition in Hull

I forgot to get the names of the items listed below but am manning the exhibition, in Central Library next week, so will make sure I record the makers names then! Sorry ~
The only one I know for sure, are these first three by Jackie Ward Lomax.
Jackie is well known locally for having carved dead tree trunks into magnificent animals and birds.
She no longer feels able to carve safely atop ladders, so has turned her talented hands to design and stitching!
I just totally adore the quilt and the coat is warmly huggable!
It's called Lazy Dog.  FABulous!


So now the others I felt worth a mention and as I said, I will record names when I have the list to refer to!
Lovely nuno felting ~ by Alison Laird

 delightfully stitched petals ~ by Jill Hall

a beautifully beaded cushion centre ~

deliciously simple but a beautifully stitched little embroidery ~
by Susan Brett


  1. oh that hooded coat is magnificent.

  2. I love the greyhound quilt. One of the most original pieces I have seen in a while. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the coat - it does look huggable and reminds me that I have a long coat started and, of course, residing in the UFO pile. Hmmm....might have to haul it out!

  4. I think the mandala is so pretty. Thanks for these Liniecat!