Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Woolly hexies, a pom pom pram cover and a DIY fabric binding maker!

I did a bit of stitching, tried machine zig zag but that didn't look right, so I pulled that out and stuck to hand stitching.
I think its going to be a cushion front....or a fabric folly ... maybe.

One of the cleaners at work brought a pram cover she had made in to show me, its an unusual method of making it, that I thought some of you may not have known about.
I had not seen the method before but suspect its an old pattern idea.
It reminds me of the little woollen dolls we used to make as kids.

It produces a kitch, fluffy cover but I have to admit,
it does look pretty, is nice and light but would be quite warm I would think.
The method is described in the pattern and the first thing you have to do is build a wooden frame!

The wooden frame Janice had to make used 2" x 2" wood and had 60+ nails in all round the edges. It had to be varnished too.
It would work in smaller sizes too and could probably make a nice little, if fiddly, teeny tiny, dolls house pram or dolls pram cover too.
Am I going to make one?
No.........but I recognise its a clever method!
Think Janice said you use alot of yarn, 5 or 600 grams and you have to keep the tension firm throughout the making.
( Janice suggests you use a peg to hold the tension in place, if you need a pee half way through the setting up lol....)




Also go over to
http://jeansmuse.blogspot.com and look at a very natty way to make fabric binding for yourself without buying an expensive binding maker.
All you'll need are the cheapest kind of craft knives which are dangerous to cut with but just perfect for forming binding!


  1. I remember the pom pom pram blankets in the 1970s. They were an updated idea from the dressing table sets made by sailors for their sweethearts on long trips away. Dad made mum some in silk just before I was born in 1950. I still have one somewhere.....

  2. Lyn, great information here! That tied-yarn piece is the same as some I have, I was calling it pompom cloth! ha. But it looks very much the same -- so thanks for that. And your hexies are going to make a really cool front or folly ;-) -- you've gotten so much done. What's wrong with me, I can't get anything done. And the bias tape trick is great, just visited Jean. xo

  3. Oh wow - this brought back memories! I made several small 'throws' using that pattern and actually I remember making one in the same colours (or very close) to the one you show. Of course I can't remember how I did it now, but I think my dad made me the frame.