Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ralph McTell and Edwina Hayes.....

Not great pics, but this is the inside of Holy Trinity Church in Hull where last night I went to see Ralph McTell ( Streets of London) and listened to his velvety voice..........and he still sings divine!
His voice is better now than when he was younger I think.

But I was totally won over the most, by local living Edwina Hayes, who has a voice thats crystal yourself a favour and listen to this.......
(it says it all for me about my ex husband, who left then died at only 40....)
 but her voice is just wonderful...she's an unassuming lass with no affectation..very refreshing.

hard to make out on this wobbly pic but the ceiling above me made me think of patchwork hexies lol

Its funny sometimes what happens when you pay a £1 for an old, year 2000, boxed game at the charity shop...........will it pass an hour away for a child or not...........well this is one major success!

Its been a real winner lol
Then there was the ambitious ice cream.....

that nannie had to finish....yummmmmy

I really like this statue thats been erected alongside the harbours entrance here at Hull's marina.
It commemorates the many europeans who passed through Hull, on their way to Liverpool and onwards to America in search of new lives.
It was donated to Hull in 2001 by the Sea Trek Foundation of America as they retraced their descendants journeys in tall ships from northern europe.
It's a touching statue, not simply tactile but emotional somehow.

This muddy clagg is what give the River Humber its distinctive colour! And also why one side of Spurn Point is so great for wetland birds
I imagine. Note the wartime artillery gun.......still aimed at Lincolnshire!!

I know, I know but for some reason I do like these architectural waves laid beside the harbour ...... well I think thats probably what they are meant to be ...
though Im sure they are fun to ride bikes over, for the young at heart....................
I resisted walking up and over them but of course grandson had a go - holding my hand naturally, in case nannie fell over watching him....................

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  1. Very lovely photos! Oddly enough, for many years I had a penpal who lived in Hull. We corresponded regularly for many years and I still hear from her at Christmas time.



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