Sunday, 1 May 2011

That wedding lol

Despite my mini rant, I was hooked for more hours than I'd intended, I have to admit!
Ive been feeling so rough, think my mood coloured my judgement abit, maybe
I think the wedding was, amazingly, more about them as a young couple after all, than them as the future King and Queen. Thank goodness protocol allowed them to have a day about them, rather than a day about the Royal Establishment alone.

Loved the tree idea in Westminster........just delightful that, bringing the outside world into the mausaleum sanctity of the building, somehow more than even with an abundance of flowers alone.
Loved the dress, and that the RSN was involved with it. It was an elegant design, suited her perfectly and her sister was dressed beautifully too.
Katherine looked wonderful, composed and thrilled with it all.
William looked very handsome, smart and proud.
Also liked that her bouquet was so simple so as not to detract from the dress itself, clever that.
Was it lily of the valley in there? If so there would have a lovely perfume too wouldnt there?

I was proud as punch to be British and to see the exquisite old carriages still in use was a joy. And it was lovely to think so many had travelled so far, from overseas too, to be there for the event. Not simply the official guests, but tourists who wanted to be there on the day.
Its apart of history isnt it afterall.

Laughed out loud to see they left in the sports car, with the Just Wed plate etc tagged onto much an anyones day, wedding event that -  reckon Harry may have had a hand in that lol Good for him!

Harry could have had a haircut bless him and all that scarmbled egg wrapped round his shoulders must have weighted him down bless him!

Oh and whoever allowed or advised Beatrice and Eugenie to wear those dresses and hats........wants sacking...........two pretty lasses who looked plain silly I thought.

Im still struggling with mini abscesses, no longer in my ear, theyve shifted to each side of my nose! I must be really run down ........ or all the badness in me is finally making its way

Cant settle to off for a cupper... :)


  1. You were spot on, there was lily of the valley in the bouquet.

    I've linked to the blog of a friend in NZ,thought you might like to read what she wrote about the bouquet. Her next post has some more too. ( scroll down a little)

  2. Nanette many thanks for those links, hadnt seen that info. So interesting and such a great deal of thought behind it all too!