Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Had to buy them .... and WIP

Last day off, back at work tomorrow and still very much want to drop my hours and have more time off in the week to myself.
I work 32 hours over 4 days at the moment but would prefer 3 days (naturally for the same money!) but we all dream dont we lol

Anyway I popped in to a charity shop, to drop a wedding dress in that pal Jean gave me to take to a charity shop for her.... 2/3 weeks ago!
I forgot it was in the boot and then kept meaning to take it, but finally did this morning! 
(Help the Aged or Age Concern whichever its called now.)
So maybe an old dearie might buy it and make an honest man out of an old darlin' at the day centre there....... who knows.
But there was this book for a £1 and I couldnt resist it.......its choc full of lovely illustrations and memories of when I was a child trying to collect cigarette cards.
Looking back now, what an appalling sales technique it was, to get folks to collect cards and kids, later or sooner as many did I expect, to become smokers.
So keep your eyes out for it in charity shops or at the library and feast your eyes on it.

 It also has pictures of the silks that used to also be in packs, must admit I knew little of those back then.

My parents smoked Woodbines and Players....both pure tobacco I reckon then and they stunk the house out.
No surprise I never smoked myself... by choice, though I must have inhaled as much as them no doubt..yukkk.
Not a very clear pic sorry but 14 little heart charms for £1.50 and 3 of those are cloisonne ....and Im sure thats not how you spell it....
Popped back to the local park to pick some more of the huge shrub that had given me such a fabulous rich maroon colour early in the year on fabrics.
One that I had no idea the name of, well what another surprise!
I know, I know, this time I MUST find out and identify it, again I hear Indias words in my head.... warning, never to pick anything you havent identified.
This is what the foliage looks like now!
Very pretty and  its sizzling away downstairs even now, but the water is nowhere near the rich red it was back in the spring.
So it will be interesting to see what colour is gives this time round, if at all.

And this little piece came to life last night, excuse the small patches of rain water on the top right there........its dried okay thankfully.
Done something abit different with the moon this time.
It was a mishapen bleached out moon on denim, that had a pimply splodge where it shouldnt have had, on its edges.
So I cut it out as a circle and lightly stuck/ironed a little silver foil across it,  linear like, to suggest the silvery moon. Then I stitched a coloured voile over it to give it that murky glow look and from the back, inserted a thin slither of felt, which has padded it abit.
Not sure if I like it padded though, may take that out yet.
Ive layered different fabrics for the sea and will add more as I include my flying fish, adding a little simple running stitch in sections to both hold it in place and add some play of movement maybe.

The fish may yet change shape because I think its too large at the moment.
But the 'interesting' fish fabric and colour is worth mentioning ..... lol
Its silk dyed with mahonia ( yellowy) and then ironed a second or two too long, after turning it right side out after hand stitching.........lol .... so its now a burnished orange!
Duhhhh but I quite like the colour lol

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