Friday, 3 June 2011

Sea fret at Spurn and thoughts on Judes workshops

Incredibly hot hot today - and mid morning I needed a beach and sea air fix, so took off for a drive to Spurn Head.
I was rewarded with a wonderful sight. The sea fret ( mist off the sea) was gently rolling across the sands, blown by the breeze, it swirled round my ankles and wafted around me, there one minute and gone the next.
It was quite beautiful and it was one of those occasions where I wished Id had a fancy camera...and knew how to use it!
If you enlarge the pics you might get a glimpse, but these are poor shots with a point and shoot.

As I drove in, on the marsh estuary side of the Spurn spit, the fret was creepily rolling off the spit back across the rivers surface. Creepy but amazing to watch.

On the beach side and I was in the fret....

the tide not that long out.....

It was magical and not another soul in sight....
............then a blink and it cleared and all that sky was blue as blue and went on forever! The skies are amazing out there and the light when its good weather is stunning.
Then I found this stone which looked abit like the great beyond, jam packed with planets and galaxies.....and made me think of the sun, moon and stars whispering workshop Ive been doing... 

And to cap it all on the drive home, I saw a sun bathed, blazingly russet fox trotting along the side of a field, as if he had not a care in the world.
Bonus magic that.
Oh yes then at yesterdays dental examination new pictures in the waiting room and this one reminded me of Judes Beasts workshop as well !


  1. The beach looks beautiful - and the fret does sound a little spooky!

    Pomona x

  2. Lyn, what a lovely morning! I can't even imagine getting in the car and going for a drive and ending up in this beautiful place with NO people. I want your life.

  3. lovely pictures. beautiful stone. the stone looks alive.

  4. Great pics - lucky you to live near the coast..I'm longing for a glimpse, smell and visit to the beach, it must be a couple of years since I have been near one.

  5. Beautiful photos...I feel I've been on a refreshing walk...

  6. I brought the stone home with me Deanna, I must admit lol but theres alot like that there, must see what the books say about it, but I assume they are fossils rather than any other rock formation in it.
    This whole east coast area, especially further north( Scarborough to Whitbuy) is rich in fossils. At Spurn you pick up fossilized coral which is quite beautiful to see. I have some in the garden will take a pic of it. I view them all as magical since they are pieces of the past you know?
    Oh Sue make time, I always come away feeling grounded, it puts things right in my head
    I ought to go weekly to stay level and stress free!
    Peggy Ive so more to be grateful for, than not I know, but I could live on top of a hill (if it were near enough the coast)..especially if it meant being nearer to the skies and no blessed neighbours!

  7. I clicked too soon Pomona sorry.........glad you got a taste of the event too!

  8. How kindly you put it -- blessed neighbours. I'll have to remember that one!

  9. What wonderful photos! SO fun to take a walk in a new place via a new companions blog! That rock is amazing! Where I used to live in Northern Nevada, there was what the Indians called 'pogonip'. It was like frozen fog that would blanket the Carson Valley. It was amazing, but after two solid weeks of it with no sun at all, I'd go a bit crazy! Then up at Lake Tahoe it was clear, bright blue skies! It was something. I miss it at times. Thanks for the walk down memory lane too!

  10. water! haven't seen that in a long while!
    your photos send a calmness all the way
    over here. i'd go for a toes in the sand
    walk right about . . . now.

  11. Lovely beach photos. The galaxy rock is amazing! I really like the sculptural worn wood photos too!