Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ursa Minor ish lol

Well I think Im about done on this fish, moon and ursa minor hanging.
Its hanging abit skew whiff because the nail behind it sticks out, so the hanging that normally is there, sits just right lol
I used several bits of old lace doily in here, for ursa minor and for the wave crests too.
Theres a lot of stitching in the sky and amongst the waves on this one, which I enjoyed doing. But I put the fringe too on too early so spent ages untangling them from my threads as I stitched....wont do that again, will put the fringe on last!
I might call it 'Luscious Lips' after the fishies full red lips.....but will wait and see if anything else comes to mind first.


  1. she sure looks like she's out to paint the town red. wonderful.

  2. What a fabulous wall hanging!! The moonlight reflecting on the waves is so clever!

  3. I love your use of fabrics, great textures and colours. Really beautiful.

  4. Judy thankyou so much.
    Ive been for a wander round your blog too and just adore your Old Man Wind and the Sunbird too!Infact I had such fun I decided to follow along with you lol
    Really like your nest, that potassium sounds deadly but the effect is amazing. Works a treat for the nest too.

  5. I love this ! love the colours texture and i agree with the others very clever and very beautiful !