Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Posh Puss is found....

I had not decided if she was finished and must have put her down, then forgot where .....
some of you may recognise that phenomena .....cough, cough...
Isn't it blummin annoying!
... especially when there is no one else to blame but yourself!

Anyways she appeared beneath something else that had been 'lost' and I reckon she is finished after all lol
She probably hid herself, so I wouldnt tag any other bits on to her

So Posh Puss she is, made with kimono silk, as are the trees. The circular 'moons' are cut from a vintage silk tie and the backing is predominantly an indigo cotton cloth.
 I think I must have been the only person awake and bidding one night on Ebay for the indigo and white cloth  but there are afew odds and ends of navy cotton cloth to infill, here and there too.

So pleased Id found her, Id almost convinced myself she had run away!


  1. That is one Cool Cat! (with attitude I think)

  2. I suspect your right lol She's either just come in from or just off out for, a night on the tiles! The hussey!

  3. Great piece! That indigo cloth from ebay reminds me of the dress I got at the thrift store . . . hmmm. So glad you found this, don't you love it when that happens? A whole piece, pretty much finished, just like that, like magic.

  4. It is abit similar yes but very little pattern
    but at 99p plus £2 postage, who can complain!

  5. I love everything about this....but especially those little moons from that silk tie....what a find...and yahoo for winning that beauty on Ebay :~)