Thursday, 30 June 2011

A fab swap! new life and some circles with a moon

My cyber pal Peggy 
and I have done a sort of swap and this is what I got in the post this week...yummy stuff! Thanks so much Peggy!

Spot the fabrics below Peggy?

Think this may well end up in a larger cloth. 
 I have a feeling this might work with the whale and moon piece I made a short while back....  made up in the style of Judes cloth workshops...slow, slow and done thoughtfully.
I may do a few more circles like this to place around the central rectangular whale piece.........the idea is in my head at the moment, not even on a drawn page.
Maybe with the phases of the moon.
So this is WIP for now.

I was invited to see the hatched eggs in the nursery, in the school alongside our offices this morning.
A not far away agricultural college give heated hatching boxes to the school, so the kids can watch the eggs breaking open and see the chicks.
I saw two newly born chicks, feathers still all cute!
I would love to have chooks, nubian goats and a donkey if I were in the right environment.
Why on earth didnt I find myself a farmer!
But what fun to see these littlies never the less.
And as the kids all came in to class, the sound of the cheep, cheep, cheeping, was just delightful!

Super cute!


  1. i do love that moon piece. always love the indigo blues.

  2. Lyn! Yes, I see and it looks beautiful -- you are a speed demon. Your other pieces with water actually made me think that you should have that blue!

    Chicks are just the cutest, I agree and it's probably not too late to find yourself a farmer. If you really want one, that is. Maybe you could just be a farmer and save yourself the trouble!

  3. Sweet chicks - we have ducks here. Thanks for visiting today. I see we have similar likes in common, cloth and paper. xox Corrine

  4. Woman with wings is an amazing lucky woman. The chicks were so sweet I did a blog a month or so agao on my daily photo blog ( ) l have images of my friends ducks that were just born or 24 hrs fluffy and yellow!! lyndax



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