Sunday, 19 June 2011

Car boot buys, bad language and altered books

I really MUST stop going to car boot sales
........... of course living about 300 yards or so round the corner from the site of a huge one, thats on almost every sunday morning, doesn't help my self discipline at all...
That, and all the years of having an indoor stall myself for cat rescue fund raising, means its sort of in my blood to go wandering around them maybe too .....
Okay, yes, and the fact that I am a hoarder......of items....that might come in handy, could be made into... or I cant live without .....but it's a BARGAIN!......might have something to do with it too!
I meant to go to the store today to collect my new prescription glasses, which is in the other direction, but the car went the wrong since I was passing the car boot, I thought I may as well pop in, en route as it were.

It's like wandering around a foreign country there these days. In the past few years, the influx of other nationalities has so increased locally, that now the chatter is almost all, other languages.
Its nice to listen to the flow and lift of african, polish, french and spanish speech, those I recognise - but there are also folks that appear to be from maybe, Gulf areas, and I have no idea what languages they are speaking, but again, I do like to hear the cocophany of sounds.

Sadly that can't be said for the large majority of blessed Brits that wander around there. They can be picked out by their talking yes, but because  their speech is loudly littered with F words and it makes me ashamed to be a Brit as well, very often.

They use the 'F-ing' word as an adjective, several times within one sentence and it sounds course and unsavoury. Not just afew Brit folks, but dam near all of the men and women Brits that go there.
Don't get me wrong, having worked on VC10s as aircrew I have used the word myself to make sure a smart arse soldier or officer if needs be, needed to be reminded that he would have to do what my crew were telling him to do, whilst on board our aircraft!
In context maybe it is an appropriate adjective to enforce your point of view, in the right situation that is.
But in every day conversation,I would argue it isnt necessary.

The parents who bring to, and collect their kids from, the school (where our Services offices are situated) are the same.....shouting
'f-ing come here Chelsea/ do what I f-ing told you Jordan etc. etc.'
It's heartbreaking to listen to another generation of children with role models that have so little communication skill, that they have to repeat the F word to make them selves heard or taken seriously?
It makes me despair for the future for the human gene pool.........

Okay rant over lol
Want to see what I picked up today?
A set of 3 of these, for 50p - all 3!
And they are metal! Largest is about 2' wide and tall.
Naff pics on the side but they would paint or decoupage right?
Thought one might do nicely on a Christmas craft stall maybe as it is.......will see.

Then for another 50p these old magazines, part works from another time, but great illustrations for an altered book maybe, and two little fabric doilies for Peggy ~
Then I paid an extortionate £2 for this old book which is feast, if abit tatty! But it is a mine of information, the recipe for acid drops for example!
( NO..the suck a sweet kind lol......)
Cant see when it was published but it has a 40s feel to it I think.
It reminds me of The Arthur Mees Encyclopaedia's that I had as a child in the 50s, given to me by my Grandad.
It's pages will be used for many things but not before I have tried afew of the recipes myself!
Alexander Soup merits an entry so I reckon it must have been quite a main stay somewhen or other. I will feature some of the recipes now and then in case you feel brave enough to recreate them !
Do it yourself electro plating!

This dolls house instruction design I have seen before and I would love to have it made up myself.
There's the furniture designs too...the house itself, seems abit 30s like ( Jean what do you think?)
If anyone wants the info and designs copied let me know, all measurements are included to get you going.

And to prove how old this is, there are patterns to knit toys and there is the shamefully called Black Sambo doll to knit.
How cruel a time that must have been for so many people, to be so labelled and perhaps ridiculed by those same words.
Thankfully we have learnt much, but are still falling short .........lets face it.
And this replica Home Guard Manual, which will go in the Topic Box for the hearing impaired children, when I get round to starting them.

So not a bad haul and not alot spent!
But then paid £140 for new glasses.......bummer lol

Oh and the Harrogate Etiquette book so far, with holes cut out inside and pages torn and gessoed......not much to see as yet, but proof Im still doing it!

.....and the ghost book too


  1. love looking through old books with illustrations. great finds.

  2. When I lived in Melbourne I used to go every Sunday to a huge nearby market - for years, and found so many treasures. I miss it now being in the country, though there are much smaller ones around and fewer good things to find. Your booty is enviable. Love the old encyclopedia.

  3. Oh goodness....I feel exactly the same about us Brits. It saddens me terribly. Where did it come from? When did it start? Like you, we love to see the different nationalities here. I wonder what on earth they think of us....and I get embarrassed too. Big sigh!

    Boot we love them :~) We couldn't go yesterday morning, as our boy had gone to work with his car key, and my husband had left our car keys in the car....locked of course! We felt deprived. ha ha You picked up some great wouldn't ever stop going really would you?

  4. Helen your probably right lol Id be afraid Id miss out on something ! Though I also like to see the old and antique stuff too, it brings forgotten memories to the fore at times. Mind you I often only come home with the free range eggs!
    It occurs to me that just maybe, the foreign folks I hear, are also swearing away at eachother, but I dont understand them of cousre ! But if thats the case then it still sounds so much better than us Brits in daily flow lolol
    I guess living out in the country does have an occasional draw back then Sue........but trips to the city should always take in car boots as well then!
    Deanna the nice things about this book is that it doesnt smell the age it is! Buying outddors, Ive learnt to smell books especially before I buy them................smokey, damp or fetid books dont lose their pong!

  5. Lyn, I loved reading this -- it was time well-spent at the boot sale! Just you know a lot of Peggy's?
    What is Alexander Soup? And, jumping around a bit here, I'm really liking seeing your altered book in process, have never done that but have many books & mags. on how to do it.

  6. I know only one Peggy lol and will post the recipe but it striked me as maybe being a wartime alternative to meat and 3 veg!
    Ive not altered a book before so this is new ground for me.
    Ive been in worldwide round robins where we have added pages of artwork in each others books, but never actually decimated one to make into art work!

  7. I've just given a copy of that book with the dolls house in to my cousin for his car boot a few weeks ago...... They are pre WW2.

  8. Would be funny if it was me who bought IT off him!!!